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Welcome to Love n Stead!

This site is all about ways to incorporate healthy choices and improve everyday lives for ourselves and our families.

One of our main focuses is on making essential oils a part of our daily living to improve our overall lifestyle in a HEALTHY, NATURAL & NON-TOXIC WAY!

Fighting everyday toxins, harsh chemicals, and who knows what’s in our food nowadays, along with all our household products is something we strive to make better in our families and households.

There’s enough to consider when you step foot outside your home, so we strive to fix what is inside our home and our bodies to be the healthiest we can.

We’d love for you to spend some time on our site and love it even more if you’d sign up and join our community! That way, you’ll be sure to receive our updates with hopes you’ll find more ways to make you and your families lives better!


**I am not a health professional nor am I giving any medical advice to you. Nothing you find on this website can be taken as professional medical advice. Any medical questions or concerns should be shared with your doctor.