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The Best Christmas Gifts for Under $30!

Christmas is just around the corner and, in my opinion, its never too early to get a jumpstart on Christmas Gifts!

Start now, and you’ll still have enough time to stay CALM, COOOOOOLLL, AND COLLECTED 🙂

I do have affiliate links within this post and throughout this blog which means I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you end up making a purchase through my site. (Which I totally appreciate btw! 🙂)

If you’re anything like our family we’re on a Christmas budget.

This year most of our gift-buying will be $30 per person.

There will be those who do end up getting a bit more from us this year, but between my husband and I, we have seven siblings alone who we purchase gifts for.

Hence, the $30 budget for most.


So, I’ve been doing some thinking and research to try and find some great gifts and keeping it under the $30 cap and wanted to share with y’all and hopefully be able to help you out a bit!

I’ve done some digging for male and female, and I break it all down for you below. Some things are interchangeable, depending on the person, of course…

I’ve also added a few ideas on gift cards if you decide to go that route.

I deliberately didn’t create a ‘kid’ category because they are pretty easy to find some fun toys or clothes for so that really shouldn’t be a biggie. However, if you need some ideas there just let me know and ill scrounge up some great ones!


Now, some of these ideas will work only for certain ladies in your life. For instance, you probably wouldn’t purchase your boss a robe or a handbag, well, maybe you would, who knows…

My point is, I do understand some of you will be in the market for bosses gifts or maybe neighbor gifts so you’ll have to weed through the ideas and see what would work best.


Snuggly Robe

Snuggly Blanket

Currently on sale for $29.99 so now it a great time to purchase! Great for anyone, really 🙂 If it’s no longer on sale when you look there will still be other great options

Cute Handbag



$29.99 – This bag is SO CUTE! Click HERE to see more product details
ADORABLE for $29.99!

Nice Sweater/Sweatshirt/any cute shirt

Cozy Socks

Essential Oils

Yankee Candles

Only $12.99 so you can give a couple more small add-ons with this gift or get a larger version. I love this scent!

Spa Stuff – bath bombs, etc.

New Perfume to try out

$29.99 and smells delicious! I bought this for my sister about a year ago and she loves it! Not overpowering in any way

Baking Essentials

Cool Utensil Canister

$24.99 and I love the copper look! If it’s not your thing Target has other great options too!
$29.99 You could also do a child’s initial which any parent would love 🙂

Cute Necklace/Bracelet/Earrings


Great Book

$18.89 Haven’t read this, but very highly recommended to me by multiple people. Worth a chance!

Magazine subscription they love

Cool Phone Case

Scented Wax Warmer

$24.99 and would bring great ambiance to any room!
Cuteness for $19.99!

Cute Décor (throw pillows or something to hang on the wall, etc.)

Great Indoor Plant

Personalized Mug or Calender, etc. using sites like Shutterfly


Wine and Chocolate




Hobby Lobby

Nearby Nail Salon for Mani/Pedi

Any Restaurant they enjoy

Movie Theater

Any Store you know they like



Golf Shirt

$19.99 can’t go wrong for any golfer!

Any Nice Shirt

Book by an author they like


$26.49 and great for any mancave!

Something for their bar

Car Stuff

$29.99 and way easier to keep clean than the carpeted ones!

Kitchen Necessities (you know, for the bachelor pad guy…)

$29.99 and we all know its a great staple for any kitchen! He’ll thank you one day 🙂
$27.99 and will make any sports fan a happy camper!
Only $14.99! Just make sure you get their favorite team!

Favorite Sports Team Stuff (blanket, sign, hat, socks…)

Cheese and Sausage


$32.99 Yes, I know its a few bucks over the limit, but worth it for the right person 🙂
Cozy for $29.99!




$29.99 to take some fun anywhere!

Tailgating Gear

Heated Blanket

Deliciouseness and fun for $29.99 Who wouldn’t like that?!?!

Gift Basket with their faves (M&Ms, gift card, socks, anything fun)

$30.99 and handy for any outdoorsman!

Magazine subscription they like

Fishing or Hunting Stuff

$18.89 Great for any new or old fisherman…or woman 🙂

Cool Tackle Box



Gas Card

Car Wash/Detailing Certificate

Any Restaurant they enjoy

Any Store you know they like (Under Armour, Nike, Fleet Farm…)

Local Butcher Shop

Movie Theater

Game Stop

A great place to check out when you’re in any store is the clearance section. I was in Eddie Bauer a couple weeks ago and they had a really nice spring jacket in the clearance for $30! (I really should have purchased it)!

If you find something out of season, but would still make a great gift for someone, you should get it! I keep thinking about how much my sister would have liked that spring jacket…darn!

It’s important to think about the person and what their day-to-day habits are too. For instance, if they like to go to a place close to their work for lunches a gift certificate would be a great idea.

You can find great things in the clearance section in stores and even online right now, so it pays to check them out!

Happy Shopping!