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Decorate Your Home Beautifully With Thrift Store Finds!

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I absolutely love decorating and resale/thrift store finds!

So, I thought I’d incorporate the two in this post and show you some things around my house with hopes it will get you inspired to go hunting!

Most of the time you can get great deals on this stuff and tweak it a bit to make it that much cuter. Super easy on the pocketbook as well!

Also, if you’re shopping at flea markets or rummage sales it’s smart to always offer a bit under the asking price if you’d like.

Most of the time people really want to get rid of their extra stuff that’s taking up space and that they never use, so it’s pretty rare they shut you down. They’ll at least usually throw out a counter price. USE THAT FACT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

Please know, I do not have an expensive or even nice camera to use to take pictures with, so I did my best using only the camera on my phone. Sad :/


My goal here is to get you inspired to be creative, so I hope that works with phone pics…

Some of the finds I look for when rummaging include:

-Old Windows

-Old Doors

-Old Wooden Boxes

-Old Dressers/Chests

-Old Lanterns


-Cool Jars or Bins



-Interesting Containers

-Anything unique and cute!

 Here’s a few things around my house that I love…

I bought this huge window for $30 at a resale store. It’s pretty big; it’s over 4 feet x 3.5ish. I love decorating with big statement pieces, and this is one of them!

The window was see-thru originally, so I spray painted the mirror spray paint on the back of it to make it mirrored.

Side note: if you decide to use the mirror spray on anything it turns out more like an antique mirrored finish in my opinion, so if that’s not what you’re going for then I’d skip it and figure out something else to do with the window. Don’t expect to be able to use the mirror for an actual mirror with the spray paint; it’s just not that practicalHere’s what I used.

The big wreath I have hanging on it was $5 at a rummage sale. I’ve kinda been wanting a different wreath, but they can be expensive, so I’m just keeping this one for now. Hopefully I’ll come across one soon.

I found this baby at a flea market a few days ago for $29 and some change! Once again, it’s a pretty big piece. It’s bigger that the previous big window.

It came as-is, so I didn’t have to add the candle holder or candles, which is nice. I also really like the paint color, so I don’t have to change a single thing on this! You may not be able to see it but this window has a screen on it, which I thought was a little different – in a good way!

Once again y’all, the pics seriously don’t do it justice…it’s major cute!


I’m using this big dresser as a tv “stand” if you will, even tho our tv doesn’t stand on it 🙂 I also hide a bunch of my daughter’s toys in the drawers, so it’s great!

I bought this for $140, which is actually quite high for me to pay. It came with a huge mirror attached to it, but I removed it and hung it in our bedroom instead.

I should also mention…the two mirrors you see on either side of the tv came from a thrift store. Well, the frames came from a thrift store.

They used to have ugly pics in them, but I replaced them with mirrors and spray painted the frames…I think they were like $6 a piece!

(I know, I know…I need to work on hiding those cords…)

Mirrors can be quite expensive so if you find some cool frames you like get them! You can just call a glass and mirror shop, give them the sizes you need, and they’ll get you the mirror.

 My mom has another mirror just like these. She spray painted her frame a slightly different color. WE GOT ALL THREE PIECES OF GLASS CUT THE SIZE WE REQUESTED FOR LIKE $40!

 It’s definitely worth considering cuz you can find some cool frames out there!

I don’t have a before picture of the dresser or mirror, but it was an oak color.

I used Cottage Paint on this, which I love! It was super easy to use as there is no prep involved before paint, other than cleaning the dresser with a wet rag to make sure it was clean for painting.

Here is a Cottage Paint link for you to check out what I’m talking about. I did not get my paint through this site, however I just wanted you to be able to see what I’m talking about. I went to a paint store in my town that sells very small jars of them because I know I only needed a small amount. But, at least you’ll get to see what type of paint I used.

I was going for the distressed look, so it only took one coat of the Cottage Paint, without full coverage on purpose, as you can see. I then sealed it with a poly, and done! (I also used the same kind of paint in a different color on our bedroom dresser. You can see part of it under the mirror.)

Different hardware would be cool, but I just kept what it had to save some moola. Plus, it’s not horrible to me at all.

My mom bought this wooden box from a rummage sale that she didn’t use so she gave it to me.

Originally it had a lid, but she removed it. So I flipped it over and viola! Another cute décor piece!

I asked her how much she paid for it and her response, “I can’t remember, it was cheap!


My mom and I were rummaging and came across this at the end of someone’s driveway with a ‘FREE’ sign on it!

So, we loaded it up and here she is! Not too sure what I’m going to do with this just yet, but I think it could be super cute, and it’s not half bad as-is.

Right now I’m using it to store some extra blankets and pillows, etc. But, I think it’d look really nice if I painted it, so I may be doing that in the future.

**It’s nice if you’re able to store extra blankets in a place then gets a bit of air flow.

When closed off, blankets can easily take on a bit of a musty smell, which is why I’m liking the openness of this little chest for storage.

This is one of my favorite pieces!!!

I bought this at another rummage sale for either $25 or $20…I can’t remember cuz it was a few years ago now. (You can also see I hung up my new flea market piece :)) I’m also going to figure out how to fill those little cubbies a bit better…just gotta take the time to think about what I want there…

The only thing I changed on this was replacing the knobs and I absolutely adore it!

I’ve used it in the past for a little coffee bar, just to keep the coffee maker off the counter, but now I use it to store a lot of everyday things like my note pads, calender/schedule, phone charger, you know, all the stuff you use regularly, but want to keep hidden.

Here’s another cutie-patooty…ladder was $10 at a resale shop!

The possibilities are really endless when it comes to decorating and finding great pieces on a budget!

Is it nice to splurge sometimes on a piece you really like? Of course, but there are so many great finds out there that really save you some money and they look great in your home.

What are some of the items you’ve used or repurposed for decorating your home? I’d love to hear from you and learn about your ideas!

As always, Happy Decorating 🙂