Why I East MOSTLY Low-Carb!

Why I Eat MOSTLY  Low-Carb

I am a self-admitted yo-yo dieter and have been on that roller coaster for years now.

I always struggle with wanting a healthy diet overall but will often find myself stuck in unhealthy eating habits. It has always been difficult for me to find and maintain a balance.

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I honestly feel I will stick to this type of diet overall and finally have success in maintaining a balanced diet along with keeping a more steady weight.

I easily fluctuate between 130 and almost 150, and have been that way for quite awhile now. 150 is pretty high for me and that’s always when I’ve “had enough” and decide to crack down and eat better.

However, when the scale gets close to that higher number for me I usually go for a drastic move, which always happens to be short-lived and doesn’t keep me successful for the long haul.

So, I’ve decided not to be super hard and strict on myself this time and it’s going amazingly!

What I mean by “not super hard and strict on myself” is I’ve cut out refined carbs, because they’re horrible for you, and I’ve cut out most of the added sugar.

For instance, on any given day I will not eat bread, jelly, pasta, rice, pita chips (or any chips), etc. You know, all the refined, high-sugar stuff.  I mention these things because this is a lot of what I would eat on a normal day.

I would easily have bread with breakfast, many times lunch as well, along with pita chips and hummus for snacks, or jelly on my toast…the list goes on.

So, I’ve cut all of that out and I’ve been feeling amazing!!!

I definitely have more energy along with VERY MINIMAL ups and downs as far as any type of food cravings!

When I was eating all those refined carbs and added sugar I could literally feel my body cravings and mood swings all over the place…that is virtually GONE now!

I have been tempted with chips and buns when we have them around for grilling out and when family is over, but that feeling is very short-lived…I’m talking like a minute.


I have, however, treated myself with a little bit of this from time to time, which I feel absolutely fine with…


 It’s an ice cream that’s lower calorie and higher protein, so it’s a great treat! And, I don’t sit and eat the entire thing either (although I could) 🙂

It’s just to fulfill my sweet tooth when I got it going on. It comes in a variety of flavors which is great!! And if you do end up eating the entire thing (which is very doable) it’ll only cost ya around 200 to 300ish calories!…depending on the flavor!

I started this style of eating 23 days ago and this was my start weight…

And this is what I weighed today…

As you can see, I AM LOSING WEIGHT!

It’s been about 2ish pounds a week for me, which I think is WONDERFUL!!!

Now, I know I’m not losing a pound a day or anything like that, BUT I AM 100% OKAY WITH THAT!!!


Because I am changing my lifestyle of eating! I am done with the yo-yo dieting and I am making a change I am able to maintain and this is it!

The fact that I feel SO MUCH BETTER is what motivates me to continue eating this way. I know this is something I can maintain and if it takes me longer to lose weight versus the crash diet I could do for maybe a week or two, I am very happy with that because I want this to be long term!

I know I will keep the weight off this way because I am losing it slowly and I am making lifestyle changes.

 I encourage y’all to give it a try if you struggle with yo-yo dieting!

 It’s not always the easiest to do. If your body is very used to eating refined carbs and extra sugar, you will go through some rough times in the beginning.

Also, I think it’s fine if you have a bun once in awhile, or a piece of toast, or dessert. It’s HOW OFTEN YOU CHOOSE TO DO THAT WHICH WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! If you treat yourself to that kind of stuff once in awhile and keep it just that – A TREAT – you will have success!

I’ve found this approach to be the best for me and my personal struggles with maintaining a healthy weight and eating habits.

If you are, however, looking to jump start your weight loss and willing to be quite strict in the beginning, I have a great post here that will show you the approach I take for that!

It is quite strict so, like I said, you’d have to be willing to do that in order to get good results.

This is a 14 day fast track plan that will really jump-start your weight loss journey!

So, basically what I’ve been doing recently would be considered more of what you would do after the initial 14 day breakthrough, according to the book.

Here is the very informative book that I highly recommend!


Here is my other post about this book where I do respond to some of the negative reviews people have said about it.

 Either way, it’s an inexpensive tool that you just might actually enjoy reading and following the plan to help yourself!

***Even if you do not want to take a very drastic approach but would still like to make positive changes, I would still very highly recommend this book!!!

 You will be able to learn so much about yourself and what you are putting into your body! – My opinion, of course.

The weight loss or weight maintenance journey can be a difficult feat for many. This approach has been working great for me so far and I’m excited to continue on it 🙂

I’d love to hear what you do to be successful and stay on track with your health! Or, what is it that you struggle with the most?

I’d love to hear from you!